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Attendance Reporting


Regular attendance is crucial to academic success in school and is mandated by law. Every effort should be made to see that your child is at school on time unless he/she is ill.

All absences must be verified by a parent or guardian. Please call the school at 458-5853 when you know that your son or daughter will be absent from school or e-mail Stephanie Coffman at . In the event that a telephone call cannot be made, a written note is required by you on the first day the student returns to school. The note must be signed and contain the following:

1.      Reason for absence

2.      Date or dates of absence

3.      First and last name of the student

4.      Name of student’s teacher

Schools receive financial support based only upon the number of students actually in attendance. Excused absences are no longer counted for financial support of the school. We do not want you to send your child to school ill, but we are asking that you keep your child home from school only when it is absolutely in the child’s best interest.