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Standard Based Grades

4-6th Grade Standards Based Grading

This year 4th-6th grade students will be assessed in relation to the California Common Core State Standards in math and language arts. The Next Generation Science Standards will be the reference for assessment in science.  We want parents to understand how their students’ knowledge and skills in reading, math, science, and all other subjects compare to the expectations set out in the California Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.  We care about students’ success here in Colusa Unified, but we are really preparing them for success in their lives in the world beyond our schools.


Teachers have examined the standards and are focusing their lessons on the material that is important for students to know and be able to do. Grade levels have a common curriculum guide that helps them focus on explicit learning outcomes. Students’ work will be evaluated by comparing it with the expectations of the standards, embedding assessment in the lesson activities and carefully examining work samples.  Please click here to see examples of mastery level work as defined by state exemplars.


Students will continue to do independent assignments, group work, projects and have homework.


Students will receive the following scores in subject areas. Please see the definitions for each band below.


4     Standards Met (Mastery):                   

The student’s work consistently demonstrates thorough understanding and precise application of grade level skills, processes and concepts with only minor occasional errors.


3     Approaching Standards (Approaching Mastery):        

The student’s work demonstrates proficiency and correct application of grade level skills, processes, and concepts with some errors.


2     Standards Nearly Met (Emerging):   

The student is working towards and demonstrates proficiency and is beginning to grasp and apply grade level skills, processes, and concepts but the work contains many errors.


1       Standards Not Met (Concerned):   

The student is making minimal or no progress towards proficiency and is consistently producing work that is one or two years below grade level. This student is at risk of retention.


To help clarify our expectations, we will post some examples of student work from each of these bands on our school website.


On the student’s report card, you will see an area that shares a student’s progress in their approaches to learning in the following areas:

  • Interacts appropriately with peers
  • Completes and returns homework routinely
  • Demonstrates responsibility
  • Shows respect for classmates, adults and property
  • Follow school/class routines, directions and procedures
  • Independently Productive
  • Cooperates and contributes to group work
  • Demonstrates on task behaviors
  • Works carefully with a purpose

Below is the excerpt from our Parent/Student Handbook (the rest of the handbook can be found under School Information tab at the top of the webpage) that addresses Honor Roll Recognition:






4th - 6th = “4” grades in all classes.

7th - 8th = “A” grades in all classes.




4th - 6th = “3” & “4” grades in all classes excluding band and choir.

7th - 8th = “A” & “B” grades in all classes.




                    3.0 or better. No D’s or F’s. For standards based report cards nothing below a 3.