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Got Homework?

Help is here!  P-2 is open at 7:30 each morning and Mrs. Erisey is available to help!  
Bring your homework or a book. You can get breakfast first if you like.  Please join us! 


Nutrition Services News Update

New Cafeteria Computerized Payment System for School Meals

The Nutrition and Food Service Department recently evaluated many different computerized Point of Sale (POS) systems to increase the level of service and provide accurate school meal accounts.  After reviewing several systems, a decision has been made to purchase the NUTRIKIDS® POS System. We are currently preparing to implement this new system in our (district\school) with a launch date of Tuesday, March 3, 2015.

The first few days of implementation may be a bit slower than normal; however, as students familiarize themselves with the system, the lines should move much more quickly.     

Every student enrolled in Colusa Unified Schools has been entered into the computerized system.  We strongly recommend parents/guardians deposit money into their student’s account via cash, check or by registering with our new online payment center, at (the link will be available on the district website, Student Nutrition page). However, the system is quite flexible and students can still pay in cash. We will no longer be linked into or using PayPams as our cafeteria student account payment center.  If you are registered with PayPams, you will notice that you no longer have the ability to login to your student’s account(s). We have transferred all student / staff accounts to MySchoolBucks. You will need to register and deposit as desired. We are very excited to inform you that you will now be able to make a deposit to all your student accounts (even if they attend different school sites within our district) in one transaction with one fee of 1.95. It was brought to my attention that parents do not use PayPams due to the high cost of $1.95 per student/ transaction. For this reason and several other upgrades and service related advantages, we have decided the challenge of changing systems could no longer be avoided.

Our Student Nutrition Department is pleased to announce the availability of applying for Free and Reduced Price Meals online!  The process is SAFE, SECURE, PRIVATE, and AVAILABLE anytime, anywhere at (link will be available on the district website, Student Nutrition page). If your child has qualified for free or reduced meal prices for school 2014-2015, this information is noted in the system, and the meal will be processed just as it is for all other students without any special indication to the students. If you notice any change to your students eligibility (if your child is now being asked to pay and was free or reduced prior to 3/3/15) please immediately contact Terry Weldon at 530-458-7791 (ext. 14115) or Leasa Hill 530-566-6251.

If you are concerned about a food allergy that your son/daughter has, please notify the cafeteria or school nurse with this information.

If for any reason you would like a copy of the transactions for your child’s account, we will be able to give you a print out. Again, any balance remaining on your PayPams account will automatically transfer to MySchoolBucks on Tuesday, March 3rd.

If you have questions, please feel free to call me at my office at 530-566-6251. 

Thank you in advance for your patience in implementing this system. 

Posted by: Zeba Hone
Published: 2/27/15

A Note from the Assistant Principal...

7/8 grades

New policy in order for the 3rd trimester (starts March 2nd), for students who are receiving multiple detentions for being defiant, disruptive, gum chewing... on the third detention for the trimester you will be serving the detention in what is know as extended day.  That means Friday after school you will need to report to Mrs. Lemenager's room from 2:50 to 4:30.  Students will serve the entire time, which may also include community service and making up missing work.  If you choose to not show it will automatically result in an ISS.  Please watch your behavior.  Eighth graders don't forget that if you are suspended in the 3rd trimester that will make you ineligible to attend the 8th Grade Sunsplash Field Trip.  Please see Mrs. Lemenager if you have any questions.  


Erika Lemenager

Assistant Principal/7th Grade Science

Egling Middle School


Posted by: Kathy Aplanalp
Published: 2/12/15

Egling Farm Stand

Starting Thursday, February 12th, Egling Middle School will be hosting a Farm Stand featuring free fruit and vegetable tastings, cooking demonstrations, take-home recipes, and fresh, local produce for sale!  Students, families, and staff are all welcome to stop by the stand, located in the yard next to the After School Program building, between 2:30 and 5:30 pm.  Come see and taste the delicious offerings of Northern California farms!

Posted by: Kathy Aplanalp
Published: 2/2/15


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Electronic Newsletter

In an effort to go green and save some money for our schools in the process, we our sending our weekly bulletin and monthly newsletter by e-mail.  Please contact Barbara Reece in the office if we don't have your e-mail address on file.


School Volunteers

Egling Middle School encourages parents to join our team by volunteering some time at the school.  If you are interested, please see the attached link to our school volunteer brochure.

Volunteer Brochure 2014